Finally Back to Writing Again

It's kind of ironic that I'm a writing major who has no time to write. Or maybe I should say that I do have time to write, I just can't write what I want. During the school year, I have to write this for a writing class, that for another writing class, and the other thing for a class that isn't actually a writing class but still requires a lot of writing. I fell away from that regimented schedule I posted about earlier, which makes me feel like a total hypocrite. But last night, I finally started writing what I want to write again.

On another bright note, my boyfriend proposed to me a few weeks ago. We're really excited, and right now he's looking for jobs. He's so wonderful - he wants me to be able to stay home and write, so I'll be doing what I love and focusing on my writing career. That means I'll be able to finish my first novel much faster than if I'd had to work a full-time job. Now, writing fiction will be my full time job. Of course, I'm graduating next spring and we probably won't be able to get married until the fall (the field he's entering requires about a year of training), so I will have to work for a while. Which is fine by me, since I should probably get some kind of real-world job experience anyway. You never know when you might have to use those skills or re-enter the workforce.

I'm going to be working on my novel every day (for reals this time), and I also hope to post regularly on this blog during the weekdays. If you're interested, I also have two other blogs: Hepburn Girls (about fashion) and Harassment in Egypt (rather obviously, about sexual harassment in modern Egypt). TTFN!

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