Writers, Gossip, and Eavesdropping

The Eavesdropper by Eugen von Blaas
I have a guilty pleasure. It's eavesdropping. I don't mean sneaking around like Nancy Drew, listening at keyholes. I mean listening to the conversations of people around me in classrooms, on sidewalks, in restaurants, and so forth. I don't gossip, but I love to hear it.

You never know when you might overhear a great idea for a story. I did a couple weeks ago. I probably won't write it for a while, but for now I can turn it over in my mind and savor and develop it.

Even if you don't get story ideas, eavesdropping is a great way to learn dialogue. Just go to a public place like a mall or university, sit down, and listen to the way people talk. The only way to write realistic dialogue is to hear it.


Sorry about the length between posts, by the way. I have a lot of writing to do since I'm a writing major and this is my last semester. I can't promise regular posts until after I graduate in December, unfortunately. But I will try my best until then.

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