Fiction Forecast 2011

Below is a list of upcoming historical fiction having to do with the ancient world. The list only goes through August and was taken from the Historical Novel Society. All comments are my own.

Caveat Emptor: A Novel of the Roman Empire by Ruth Downie. This fourth novel in an ancient Roman mystery series featuring a detective named Ruso.

Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray. After her mother commits suicide, Cleopatra's daughter Cleopatra Selene must learn to survive in the harsh and dangerous world of Rome. This is an historical fantasy novel.

The Dawn Country: A People of the Longhouse Novel by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear. This book is the second in a four-part series about the early Iroquois Native Americans.

The Curse-Maker by Kelli Stanley. In first-century Britain, Roman doctor Arcturus and his wife Gwyna travel from Londinium to the spas of Bath. At the baths, they discover the murdered body of a man who wrote curses on clay tablets for a living.

Cast Not the Day: A Novel of Love and Tyranny by Paul Waters. In fourth-century Britain and the rest of the Roman Empire, the Christian Church is on the rise and paganism is on the way out. A young British Roman named Drusus watches the Roman Empire descent into political and religious turmoil as some people refuse to give up the old ways.

The Raven Queen by Jules Watson. The ancient princess Maeve, one of the most celebrated women in Irish history, proves herself to be more than just her father's political tool.

Bricks by Leon Jenner. A man reminisces about how he was a druid priest turned bricklayer in the time of Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain.

The Vestal Vanishes by Rosemary Rowe. When a former vestal virgin (and bride-to-be) goes missing, Libertus investigates--and what he discovers is gruesome. The disappearance of another woman means that Libertus must solve the mystery as soon as possible.

The Way by Kristen Wolf. This novel, set in first-century Palestine, explores the question: what if the Christian religion's greatest leader was actually a woman? I can't find anything else about this book, but based on what I know there is the possibility that this book may be problematic for Christian readers. I also bet the lady leader in question is Mary Magdalene.

The Land of Painted Caves by Jean Auel. The sixth in a popular series about prehistoric humans.

The Road to Rome: A Novel of the Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane. An action/adventure epic around the time of Julius Caesar's murder.

Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn. In first-century Rome, the lives of two sisters will be forever changed by what has come to be called the Year of Four Emperors.

Queen of Kings: The Immortal Story of Cleopatra by Maria Dahvana Headley. I can sum this book up in only one way: Cleopatra is a vampire. 'Nuff said. Even though I haven't read it yet, it's a total win in my eyes.

Memoirs of a Bitch by Francesca Petrizzio. Helen of Troy tells her own story.

Rome: The Coming of the King by M.C. Scott. In the year 65 A.D., Emperor Nero's spy Sebastos Pantera goes to Palestine to find the empire's most dangerous man and bring him to justice. From what I can tell, this man's name is Saulos, a possible reference to St. Paul/Saul. It sounds like Saulos isn't a very pleasant guy.

A Reluctant Queen: The Love Story of Esther by Joan Wolf. A novel about the romance between the biblical Queen Esther and her husband, Xerxes the Great of Persia. The cover art for this one is gorgeous!

There doesn't seem to be much for ancient historical fiction this year (so far). Please check out the original list; there were a few books listed that might have been about the ancient world, but I couldn't find anything out about them.


  1. I absolutely loved Lily of the Nile! Excited to be participating in The Raven Queen blog tour this month. Yay for Daughters of Rome!

  2. I really need to pick up a copy of Lily of the Nile--I told the author I was really looking forward to it. Daughters of Rome looks great. So does Mistress of Rome, which sadly I haven't read yet. The cover art on both of those books is gorgeous. I need to compile a list of potential cover artists.

  3. This is an helpful list since I'm looking for fiction set in Rome. I've read Lily of the Nile and Michelle Moran's Cleopatra's Daughter, recommend both of them.