Why Good Book Trailers Matter

Watch this book trailer for Sandra Worth's novel Pale Rose of England:

This is the best book trailer I've ever seen. And it's a perfect example of why book trailers are so important. I'm not particularly  interested in this period of history, but after I saw this trailer I decided that I want to read this book. As an author, I decided I might want to hire this production company for my own trailers in the future.

Book trailers are a very important, if not necessary, marketing tool. These days we are more and more an online culture, a culture that is enraptured by little chunks of information that are flashy and attractive. This trailer meets all these criteria. The colors are rich, the models/actors are beautiful, the music is evocative, and the text that tells the storyline is intriguing without revealing too much. I'm sold.


  1. Indeed, this trailer is one of the best. I already knew I was going to read the book, but after watching the trailer, I became quite eager to read it right away!

  2. It's such a well-done video. I'm not even interested in this time period, and now I can't wait to get my hands on this book!