Meet Mr. Mummy

Dr. Bob Brier, that is, an Egyptologist and one of the world's foremost experts on mummies. In the mid-90s he became the first person to mummify a corpse in centuries. We had to watch the video in my 6th-grade history class. Suffice it to say, we were not very hungry at lunch, which was immediately afterward. But now I own a copy of the video and I actually think it's incredible. Recently the New York Times did a little video and article about Brier. Here's the video:

Come on, you're a little bit jealous of his collection. Admit it. I know I am.

Here's my favorite excerpt from the article:

“When I used to get packages, my kids would say to each other, ‘Don’t open it, it could be body parts,’ ” he recalled. “One time, my daughter came home upset from school and told me, ‘The class didn’t believe me when I told them we have mummies at home.’ So I sent her in with a mummified cat, and she came home and said, ‘They believe me now.’ ”

He is officially the coolest dad ever.

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