Weekly Roundup

Olympias, "bad girl" of the ancient world
  • Historical novelist Stephanie Dray gives a brief overview of a few bad girls of the ancient world.
  • Humanities professor Mark Schiffman disputes the claim that the pyramids were not built by slaves. He's not saying that the Hebrew slaves of the Bible built the pyramids. But he does call into question the rosy ideal sometimes bandied about that the Egyptians willingly and happily built the pyramids out of selfless love for their god-king. The reality is that they had to build the pyramids, like it or not. It was one way of paying their taxes.
  • Sales and marketing director John Tintera has some advice about promoting your book.
  • There are advantages and disadvantages to summing your book up in one sentence.
  • Why adding your email to your blog is a good idea. I've added links to my email, if you ever want to talk to me privately.
  • We all dream about our books being made into movies and making zillions. Here's what you need to know about movie deals. Here's more.

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