A Gallery of Royal Brides

In honor of the recent royal wedding, I've compiled a gallery of royal brides throughout the centuries. I tried to find some older images but I didn't have much luck. If you know of any, please post links in the comments. I'd love to see them! I'm getting married in less than four months so I have wedding on the brain.

Maria de Medici and Henry IV of France, married October 1600

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert, married 10 February 1840

Khedive Tawfiq Pasha of Egypt and Princess Amina of Istanbul, married January 1873

Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom, married 1885

Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and Alix of Hesse, married 14/26 November 1894

Prince Aisin-Gioro Pujie of China and Lady Hiro Saga, married 1937

The Kennedys aren't a royal family, but they're the closest thing we have, so here you go:

JFK and Jackie O., married 12 September 1953

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