Fanaticism and Burnout

In exactly one month, I will be getting married. This is my first and only marriage, so as you can imagine I'm very excited about it. I'm a very enthusiastic individual, and the unfortunate result is that I've neglected my WIP and blog in order to throw myself wholeheartedly into the vital mission of making programs and selecting linens. The closer the wedding gets, the more I work on it, even though there's almost nothing left to do at this point.

It's just as easy, however, for me to do the same thing with writing or blogging. I tear along like a gerbil on crack, writing writing writing or blogging blogging blogging, afire with passion for what I'm doing. In the end, of course, I crash and burn, and then it takes me a while to recover and start writing or blogging at a normal pace. Right now I'm getting myself back into a normal schedule, going to bed and waking up at a set time, and setting aside several hours for writing and blogging. Expect regular posts again soon, although I will disappear once more for about a week when we go on our much-needed honeymoon. Cheers!

I still feel like this.


  1. First off, huge congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It's an exciting time with a lot to do. relax and enjoy it. No worries on the blog and writing, they will always be there whenever you're ready to return to them.

  2. Thanks! I'm probably just going to be posting Wordless Wednesday pictures until after the wedding, although I really should start writing again, if only to take a break from wedding planning.