Horrible Histories of the BBC

This morning I went to my Google Reader to catch up on the blogs I read, and Bippity Boppity Book had posted an hilarious song from the BBC about Richard III. It's a series of comedic songs called Horrible Histories. Here are my favorites about ancient history:

Interestingly enough, in the video above, that is the way you'd spell "bee" in English using Egyptian hieroglyphs. The foot corresponds to the letter "b," and the two reeds each signify "i," which would be pronounced like a long "e." Thus, bii, or bee. Yay for intelligent comedy!



  1. I saw this on Holly's blog too, and couldn't stop myself from watching half a dozen more on Youtube... So funny!

  2. Oh my. You've just given me a new way to waste time. :D

  3. Aren't they awesome? They're a great way to wind down if you've had a bad or stressful day.