My New Goals as a Writer

Since I got married, I've been a bit of a slacker about my writerly duties, not least of which is devoting a lot of time to my WIP. I've written several pages this month, but I haven't done much. I've also been neglecting the blog and avoiding networking. I need a set of concrete goals and stick to them like ink on paper. So here they are:

  • Plan a daily schedule that gives priority to writing WIP. This shall include writing no fewer than 2 handwritten pages per day.
  • Blog at least twice a week, with the intent to work up to 4 days per week. One of these posts will be a carefully selected Wordless Wednesday picture, but the other will be a thought-out, well-written and meaningful post. Pick one day to write all these posts and schedule them to be published, leaving free time to work on other goals and interact with blog readers throughout the week.
  • Tweet at least once a day. Make an effort to interact with other Tweeters, especially fellow histfic writers.
  • Write thoughtful, sincere comments on at least 5 blogs per day.
  • Improve LinkedIn profile and interaction, with the goal of increasing professional relationships with fellow writers, editors, publishers, and (hopefully) literary agents.
  • Brainstorm article ideas for Egyptology ezine Egyptological, and write and submit articles (one per week).
  • Brainstorm ideas for future novels and keep a running list of resources for each.

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