Four Markets for Historical Fiction

There are dozens of journals and magazines out there dedicated to various genres, including literary, sci-fi/fantasy, and horror. Yet if you search for historical fiction journals, you come up with almost nothing. I did a thorough Google search, and found only a handful of magazines dedicated to historical fiction alone. I did find several interesting ones, including Kunlun Journal of Chinese Historical Fiction, that are sadly either permanently shut down or on indefinite hiatus. I found four publications that are still accepting historical fiction:

  1. Solander. Solander is published twice a year by the Historical Novel Society and pays $150 per accepted story. They have very specific guidelines and definitions of historical fiction, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their guidelines. You can read a free sample issue on the website.
  2. The Copperfield Review. The Copperfield Review, a quarterly journal, publishes a wide range of fiction but the website specifically states that they accept historical fiction. I can't find out how much they pay, if they can afford to pay at all, but it looks like a good place to submit if you're trying to build up a reputation in the genre. You can read past stories on the website.
  3. Alt Hist. Alt Hist is a magazine of historical fiction and alternate history. If you have any original stories that involve alternate timelines or historical fantasy, this is a good place to consider. They pay either $10 or a free contributor's copy in print. They will also give you a PDF version of the issue for free. Check out the website for some free samples.
  4. Lacuna. Lacuna is a bi-annual historical fiction e-journal. They accept fiction that takes place in any time period, although they won't consider time-travel fiction. They're particularly interested in unique details, complex characters, and bold storytelling. They pay $5 per story. The journal is free, so take a look at the stories.

Don't forget to take a look at literary journals. Some of them will accept historical fiction, provided that the setting and/or time period isn't too exotic or too far removed from the present day. If you have an historical fantasy, research some sci-fi/fantasy magazines. Depending on your subject and plot, you might also want to consider horror mags. Some publications that cater to very specific niches, such as antique gun enthusiasts, medieval reenactors, and horse owners, accept stories that feature their subject matter as a central theme or element.

If you know of any other publications that are ideal for writers of historical fiction, please share in the comments. I would love to provide as many sources as possible for my fellow writers. Have a very happy Halloween!

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