In Which I Give In

I have finally given in and have started to write my WIP on the computer instead of longhand. I love the spontaneity and "rawness" of writing longhand, but it's becoming just too much work. It's easier to flip back and forth between pages when I write longhand, but I was not looking forward to having to type the whole thing all over again. I'm going to have more than enough rewriting on my hands as it is. Plus, if I decide I don't want to use something I've written, now I can just cut it and paste it into a document labeled "extras," so I can use it later if I want.

Also, I gave into my husband's persuading and got a Nook. The world must be coming to an end.

Apologies for not blogging regularly like I said I would. Shortly after I posted that promise I was hit with a stomach bug or flu of some kind that left me fatigued and nauseous for several days. Fortunately I feel much better and am eager to get back on schedule.


  1. Glad you are feeling better! I too enjoy writing longhand; there is just something about the feel of a pen in hand that adds to a feeling of accomplishment. That being said, I completely agree with the whole transferring it to the computer issue.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the nook! I have the 1st version and have finally found a happay medium between reading the two formats. It definitely comes in handy when traveling.

  2. My husband promised me that we can buy hard copies of books I know I'm going to read multiple times, but he'd like for us to have as few books as possible to move around. It's so expensive to move books because they're so heavy. I do intend though to purchase hard copies of all my research books, though hopefully I can check most of them out from the library.