New Year's Writing Resolutions

I hope that all of you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! It was the perfect chance for me to be lazy (well, as far as writing is concerned) and spend time with my husband while cooking, baking, and playing with my new presents. My husband got me, among other things, the box set of the complete Smallville series. I've commandeered the DVD player and am currently on season two...out of ten. Hehehehe...

Yesterday I drew up a very detailed schedule for myself with daily tasks from homemaking to writing. These are my writing resolutions for the new year, six days of the week:

  • Write two hours per day (one hour on the novel, one hour on a short story)
  • Read and comment on blogs for half an hour
  • Social network for half an hour
  • Read and respond to email for 15 minutes
  • Brainstorm blog ideas
  • Write and schedule at least 2 blog posts every Saturday for the upcoming week

I'm happy to say that I will have more new posts this week, starting with a review of Lavender Ironside's awesome historical novel The Sekhmet Bed. Later there will be a collection of relevant pictures and an interview with Lavender.

How was your holiday season? Do you have any writerly resolutions?

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  1. My ears are burning!

    I definitely have some resolutions this year. 2012 will be the first year I've bothered to make any (after seeing how well other people do with keeping them, I decided long ago that NY resolutions just weren't for me). But my resolution involves writing. I've been working on a novel since April of 2010, and this year I will finish it and sell it, too, providing I finish it with enough time left in the year to give it a good shot at selling.

    I think it's entirely do-able. I've got a new job that's motivating me to write like crazy and the political climate is just right to help sell this book once it's done, so I have to take advantage of that fortunate turn of events while I can! :)