Remember those new year's writing resolutions I posted a few weeks ago? Well, I've fallen off the wagon--if I was ever on it to begin with. I've learned that most people give up on their resolutions within a few weeks. Those who persevere and succeed are people who regularly review their goals and assess their progress. I've decided that I'm going to post an update at the end of each week explaining what I've done to get closer to my resolutions. It won't be very exciting, but I'm hoping that this will be the kick in the pants I need. As some of you know, I've been suffering on and off from the blues and haven't really worked on my WIP since before Christmas. My husband thinks my depression and lethargy is due to being married: I spent over a year planning our wedding. It was my life for over a year, and now that the wedding has been over for months I'm struggling to fill the new hole in my life. I'm going to fill it with writing!

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