The Egyptian Fiction Writer's Handbook

Hardcover edition of the book. Image from the publisher. Source.
If you write fiction about ancient Egypt, I cannot recommend Aidan Dodson and Dyan Hilton's The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt highly enough. It is an exhaustive compendium of all the known (and relatively unknown) royal dynasties of ancient Egypt.

The copy I have is a big, sturdy softcover with glossy pages and a handsome collection of color and black-and-white photographs. It's also information-heavy, with many family trees and long lists of obscure royals. It's like a who's who for Egyptophiles.

Even if you write fiction about the common people instead of high society folk, you should consider picking up this tome. Then as now, the masses named their children after celebrities, elites and beloved religious figures. It will give you great ideas for character names. (Hint: if your story is set in the early 18th dynasty, you can never go wrong with the name Ahmose. It's like the ancient Egyptian unisex version of David or Mary.)

I haven't read The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt from cover to cover so I can't write a complete review, but I can say that I love it and will never regret buying it. Already it's supplied me with a background for the antagonist for my work in progress. It's also given me a context for a planned mystery series set during a rather obscure period of Egyptian history. Five out of five stars.

Buy The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt by Aidan Dodson and Dyan Hilton:

Note: It's also available as a hardcover, but you'll have to shell out around $50. The paperback is very good quality with sturdy cardboard-like covers, so I recommend getting that one and saving yourself $10-15.

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