Writing Recap 2/24/12

Here is my writing progress for this week.

  • Words written: 0
  • Outlining done: none
  • Research done: Took notes from 3 documentaries. Purchased 3 nonfiction books to take notes from. One of the documentaries is research for my WIP; the other two are for planned future novels. Likewise with the books.
  • Blogging done: Published 3 posts, including this one. Oh yeah!

Although I didn't write anything this week, I'm happy about the note-taking I've done. A large portion of our DVR is taken up with recorded documentaries, and it feels great to take notes and then delete the recordings. Of course, I'll probably fill it up again with more documentaries, but even so.

How has your writing (or querying, or editing, etc.) progressed this week?


  1. Oooh. Good job on the research :) That's my favorite part of writing sometimes.

  2. I love it too! Although my husband tells me that at some point I need to stop taking notes and just start making things up from my own imagination. You know, since I'm writing fiction and all. :P