Writing Recap 3/23/12

Words written: I hand-wrote a little over a page for a scene that takes place toward the end of my WIP.

Outlining done: Over the past two days I've outlined four chapters. If I keep up this pace, I'll be done with my outline in less than two weeks!

Research done: No notes taken, although I have done some reading and skimming of books and websites which has really helped shape the outline.

Blogging done: 2 posts

I haven't really blogged for the past couple weeks, although I'm very happy to say that it's because I've gotten caught up in my writing. I've ironed out some of the wrinkles and my outlining is going strong. I'm over the moon about it!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Brad Wirz, one of the founders of Gone Reading International, an organization that aims to provide libraries and reading materials to people around the world who don't have access to these things. Gone Reading International works toward this goal by selling fun, quirky items that bookish people love. They donate 100% of their after-tax proceeds to these charitable ventures. Read more about their philanthropic mission.

Here are two of my favorite graphic tees they offer in their shop: When's Wine Club? (ha!) and Take Me to Your Reader alien shirt.

I would like to add that I haven't received any payment or other compensation for mentioning Gone Reading International. I checked out the website when asked, did some research to make sure it was legit, and agreed to blog about it because I feel they have a worthy cause and are funding it in a fun and clever way. If you like it too, please think about buying something or adding an item or two to your Christmas list. Literacy is so important, but so is the sheer joy a child experiences when she can read any amazing book she wants.

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