Writing Recap 3/9/12

Words written: 0

Outlining done: none

Research done: Read several dozen pages and took approximately 2-3 pages of notes, including a detailed chart that will help with outlining. Watched one or two documentaries but haven't taken any notes from them yet.

Blogging done: 3 posts

I'm pretty pleased with my progress this week. My note-taking was very fruitful and I think soon I'll be using my notes to redo my outline. I'm also seriously considering adjusting the setting of my novel slightly to a more famous reign. Stephanie Dray's interview with Lavender Ironside made me think about it. Lavender's novel The Sekhmet Bed is incredible (you can read my review and my interview with Lavender), but she says that traditional publishers rejected the work in part because it's set during the reign of a pharaoh that not many people are familiar with. (Unless you're an Egypt nerd. Like me.) On the bright side, Lavender says she's still planning on writing the second and third books in the She-King Trilogy despite the first book being a "hard sell." So help her out and go buy it! Because it's awesome. Also because I want to know the rest of the story.

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