An Update

Hi everyone, just letting you know that I still exist! I intended to participate in NaNoWriMo as a way of motivating myself to write every single day. Alas, my detailed outline isn't done yet. My WIP is frustrating me and I'm not sure if it's me, the book itself, or a combination of the two. The story arc includes two interwoven plotlines so I'm going to try outlining each of them separately and then combine them in my master outline. I want to update this blog regularly, but I know I shouldn't do that if it's just distracting me from the novel. So, you probably shouldn't expect any regular updates until January. Surely by then I will have finished the outline. *fingers crossed* Has anyone else had this problem? How did you handle it? Sometimes I wonder if I just need to set this one aside and work on something else for a while, but everyone I've told about it thinks it's a great idea and I should keep on keeping on. Or maybe I'm one of those writers who works best when multitasking on several projects.


  1. One of my older manuscripts had so many plot threads I felt like I was in some kind of maze trying to sort through them. I eventually finished it though so don't give up! Although if you feel you would do better working on something else for awhile or on more than one project at a time I would say go ahead and try it. You're the writer. Only you know what works for you.

    Also, if you have the time I tagged you in my last post :)

  2. I followed someone in to your blog and my ears pricked at the mention of NaNoWriMo. I do hope you did well and I smpathize with the WIP issues. Good luck!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog and read it every chance I get. And because of this I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! This is a perpetual trophy and should be passed on. I hope that you will be able to keep the tradition going! Thank you again and congratulations for writing such a great blog.
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    P.S. My novels are about ancient Egypt, 18th dynasty!

  4. Late to answer, but I've found that the best way to work out problems with writing is to just sit down and write. Will I write a lot of stuff that ends up being unusable? Yep. I estimate that for every 90,000 words I write (a full novel), I will write about 25,000 words of unusable content that ultimately has to be cut, but that helps me figure out the characters and plot much better than outlining. If you're having trouble with your outline, you might want to try just jumping into the story and writing!

    I have also found that as I write, even if I am using an outline (which I often do, but a rough one), I come up with better ideas as I actually work on the writing itself...being in the "creative zone" will bring out better ideas for the plot. I like to give myself plenty of room to deviate from the outline in those cases, so personally, I find that spending less time worrying about making the outline perfect and more time working on the story, the better things go for me.

    (Mostly, I just want to read your book already!!)