Chasing Mummies Episode 8: In Which the Men Run Screaming from Bats

I originally wrote a detailed post about this episode. But then I realized that a short summary would be more descriptive. So, episode 8 in a nutshell: Hawass shows Dr. Not-Joaquin a beautiful Old Kingdom false door at Saqqara. Then he shows the producer that the Sphinx was not in fact built by white Atlanteans or green aliens or whatever the crackpot fringe theorists are claiming these days. He is irritated by a camel race in front of the pyramids. He goes to an event at the Cairo Opera House and then to a typical Egyptian wedding, where the producer is distressed by typical events at an Egyptian wedding (fireworks, guns going off, etc.).

The real highlight of the episode, however, is when the men go into tomb NC2 (often claimed to be part of a massive lost cave system) at Giza. Their intention is to prove the Internet theorists wrong, but since the cave is full of bats, they opt instead to scramble around screaming and giggling like teenage girls. Because let's face it, that's way funnier than proving people wrong.

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